BEST Full Body Massage Chair UK 2021

BEST Full Body Massage Chair UK 2021


What is a Full Body Massage Chair?

There are so many different massage chairs available in the market. However, not all massage chairs are a full body massager chair. Full body massage chair UK 2021 should massage complete body starting from head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, arms, legs, and feet simultaneously.

People often asks are massage chairs worth buying ?

Massagers are good for relaxing, reduced muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, unwind, improve circulation, improves joint mobility also it helps stimulating the lymphatic system.

The full body massage chair helps you to accomplish one of this major benefit –

Massage improves blood circulation due to the pressure created by the massage and moves blood through the clogged zones. Better blood circulation prompts better digestion, which encourages you consume more calories and improves overall body metabolism.


What are the different massage techniques in a Full Body Massage Chair?

Shiatsu massage – The Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage that works with the body’s energy flow. It uses acupressure to release tension and bring balance to the body which is linked to better mood’s and relaxation.

Kneading massage – Kneading relieves tension in the muscle by stretching and mobilising the muscle fibres. It expands muscle adaptability permitting an expanded scope of development.

Tapping massage – Tapping causes you access your body’s energy and send signals to the mid brain and helps reduce stress and negative emotion.

Shoulder Grasp massage – The shoulder grasp massage is used to reduce muscle soreness, it also helps decreasing migraines, it is a mood booster and makes your immune system strong.

3D Massage – 3D Massage innovation gives a more profound and substantially more extreme back rub which amplifies the advantage of massage and the unwinding.


What features to look for in a good full body massage chair?

The most advanced features you will find in a good full body massage chair are –

Back and leg heating

Comfortable – Good cushioning on the chair

Zero gravity-leg rest lifting and recliner

Armrest control – with massage functions

Remote control – with voice command


Now question arises is there a massage chair which is truly a full body massager? The answer is “yes” and today I am going to write about the top 3 best full body massage chairs available in UK 2021.


Naipo Full Body Massage Chair

The NAIPO Full Body Massage Chair UK 2021 is equipped with professional massage techniques: multi-part simulated human point-to-point SPA massage, neck and shoulder kneading massage. waist and back Shiatsu and knead patting massage, warm function on the waist, rhythmic air-pressure massage to promote blood circulations. It increase oxygen levels, adjustable length on leg unit, foot roller massage. The massage chair can provide an excellent massage experience for the whole body. It is a perfect gift of wellness for you and your family.


  • [Whole-Body Massage] With the ergonomic capsule-shaped design, professional massage techniques like shiatsu, kneading, knocking, knead patting, and air-pressure. This massage chair A350 can provide you a complete relaxing massage experience from head to toe. You can choose the massage mode from our 12 automatic programs, or customize your own massage experience.


  • [Customized Massage Mode] The massage mode is fully customizable with 11 shoulder positions. 2 zero gravity reclining positions, 3 foot rollers strengths, 3 massage rollers widths, 5 levels of massage speed, heating function on the waist, 6 automatic timers, 3 adjustable rollers moving methods (Full/Upper/Fixed) and 3 air pressure massage strengths. In addition, the air pressure on arms and legs can be controlled separately.


  • [In-Home Massage Therapist] This Full Body Massage Chair UK 2021 is equipped with 3D surrounding sound Bluetooth audio speakers that support long-distance connection. which ensures that you can enjoy the massage and your favourite music at the same time.


  • [Easy to Operate] You can choose the massage programme via the LCD remote control. There are also shortcut control buttons on the left side of the chair.


  • [Slick & Chic Outlook] The fashionable outlook of this massage chair makes it suitable for any room. Diamond patterned embroidery can be seen on the detachable head cushion. Beautiful, cold tone atmosphere lamps are equipped on both sides of the chair, making it understated, yet luxurious.

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Samsara Full Body Massage Chair



  • 2D-SHIATSU comfortable massaging system, with 4 massage heads – Ergonomic “L” shaped movement massage system with a maximum length of 135 cms. – Rollers massage system width: from 6 cms. to 21 cms. with 3 width adjustive levels – Real full body massage chair UK 2021 “ZERO GRAVITY” massage position


  • 5 MASSAGER MODES (Shiatsu therapy – Kneading – Tapping – Knocking – Kneading/Tapping simultaneously) – 2 memorisable massage programs (M2) – Automatic detection of the shoulders position at the top pad – Manual massage – The main benefits are: relief of muscle fatigue; reduction of leg and foot pain; stress less level reduction;… – Thanks to its elegant design, the SAMSARA recliner seat is ideal for the living room or any other bedrooms


  • 6 AUTOMATIC MASSAGE PROGRAMS (Neck and Shoulders / Lower Back and Waist / Comfort / Relax / Relax 2 / Fatigue Recovery) – 3 manual massage programs (Complete / Partial / Specific static points) – 3 speed levels and 3 width levels – SAMSARA 3D chaise lounge has a LCD touch control – Easy to move thanks to its portable wheels


  • The SAMSARA Full Body massage chair UK 2021 has AIRBAGS MASSAGE composed by 1 injector, 8 valves and 28 airbags, distributed around the shoulder area (4 airbags), arms (8 airbags), buttocks (8 airbags) and legs (8 airbags), with 3 intensity levels – Back cushions HEAT massage system (carbon fibre heating, 40 ºC/50 ºC – Heated machine) – Electric footrest vibrating with 3 speed levels – Extensible footrest, to adapt perfectly each one height (power lift) – Reclining footrest to improve the comfort and relaxation.

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Daruma Full Body Massage Chair


  • INTELLIGENT BODY SCAN SYSTEM: The DARUMA Full Body massage chair UK 2021 performs an automatic adjustment of the massage system in the back area to adjust the massage points to your body (width and height of the shoulders).The massage system is moved by a long SL guide that helps maintain the curvature of the back, relaxing the spine and relieving tense muscles. Footrest extendable up to 16 cm to adapt to any height of the user.


  • “ZERO” GRAVITY and “ZERO” SPACE / LED ILLUMINATION: The “Zero” Gravity system allows the DARUMA Full Body Massage Chair UK 2021 to fully recline. In this position you will be able to achieve maximum relaxation similar to being floating. The “Zero” Space system allows you to fully extend the massage chair, requiring only 5 cm. of separation from the wall saving a lot of space. Spotlight that stimulates the secretion of melatonin, helping to fall asleep.


  • 12 MASSAGE PROGRAMS / MULTIDIMENSIONAL 3D MASSAGE / MEMORY: 12 massage programs (Master, Queen, Sport Care, Soft, Deep Shiatsu, Office, Stretch, Sleep, Spa, Neck & Shoulder, Waist & Back, Slim) – 3D intelligent mechanical massage hands that precisely targets the acupunctural points from head to toe for optimal energy restoration throughout body – Custom massage strength and procedures can be stored into memory mode.


  • 3D SURROUND SOUND BLUETOOTH / THERMOTHERAPY / PRESSOTHERAPY: Enjoy your massage session while listening to your favourite music and pairing your devices via Bluetooth – To relieve pain and relax the muscles of the lower back, the thermal massage with a constant temperature of 55ºC is ideal because enhance blood circulation and with the air pressure system, you will receive a deep compression massage on arms, legs and feet or full body wrapping the whole body and rejuvenating the energy.

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