What is Hot Yoga and the Benefits of Hot Yoga?

What is Hot Yoga and the Benefits of Hot Yoga?


What is Hot Yoga?

What is hot yoga and the benefits of Hot Yoga? Let’s find out. The practice of hot yoga, or Bikram yoga, has grown in popularity recently. It’s no wonder this type of physical activity is becoming so widespread. Not only does it have the ability to improve your flexibility and strength, but it also comes with a host of other benefits as well.

Perhaps one reason for its rising popularity is that people are looking for an alternative to traditional forms of exercise such as running or weight lifting. Because they want something different; not everyone enjoys performing the same routine every day.

As a fast-paced world, we all need to hit the pause button at times. Just imagine that you are getting ready for your workout and want to get fit in almost no time at all! Welcome to hot yoga. 

What is Hot Yoga and it's Benefits

What is Hot Yoga and it’s Benefits


How to do Hot Yoga?

  1. Find a hot yoga studio near you
  2. Bring your own yoga mat and towel.
  3. Wear comfortable, breathable clothes that are not too tight or loose (Check what to wear to hot yoga).
  4. Drink lots of water before a hot yoga class to avoid dehydration.
  5. Arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes early so you can set up your mat in the right place and get adjusted to the room’s temperature.
  6. Listen to your body during class- if it feels like too much, take a break for a few breaths or do some gentle stretching exercises on the floor. When you’re ready to go back into your position again.
  7. Ask questions about what is happening in class so that you know how long each pose should last and when it’s time for transition poses (like child’s pose) between postures (like a plank).
  8. Take care of yourself after class by eating healthy food, drinking plenty of fluids, doing gentle stretches, taking naps if possible. It also helps to do relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing.
What is Hot Yoga and it's Benefits

What is Hot Yoga and it’s Benefits

What are the Benefits of Hot Yoga?

1. Burn more Calories :
Hot yoga can help you get in shape quicker as you burn more calories in the session than normal yoga workout.

2.Improves Flexibility :
The hot environment in the hot yoga class makes body’s muscles warm. This makes stretching better and improve your flexibility, strength, and balance.

3. Reduce Stress :
It is a great way to relax and destress. Hot yoga sessions you sweat a lot which helps release toxins from your body and stress hormones (cortisol).It also send signals to our brain to produce feel good hormones.

4. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels :
Studies show that hot yoga can helpful lowering blood sugar level when practised on a regular basis.

5. Skin Nourishment :
As heat is added to hot yoga sessions you sweat a lot which boosts circulation and brings nutrients to skin. This help your skin to nourish and glow.


How many calories does Hot Yoga burn?

According to Wikipedia Bikram Yoga is a system of hot yoga, a type of yoga as exercise, devised by Bikram Choudhury, that became popular in the early 1970s. Classes consist of a fixed sequence of 26 postures, practiced in a room heated to 105 °F with a humidity of 40%, intended to replicate the climate of India.

The heat and humidity are designed to work together with your body’s own internal temperature regulation mechanism (the hypothalamus) so that you can stretch more deeply than would be possible under normal conditions. This allows for greater flexibility and range-of-motion improvement than might otherwise be achieved through stretching alone.

When you perform yoga moves in a heated atmosphere it helps in burning more calories. Over time it can help you to lose weight.

Depending on the length of your session you burn calories. According to HealthStatus.com, a normal 68 – 70 kg person can burn up to 716 calories in a 90-minute session of hot yoga. It varies with the body weight and intensity of the yoga workout.


Are there any side effects of Hot Yoga?

The most common side effects of hot yoga are dehydration. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the other side effects that happen in some extreme cases. If you have any existing health conditions such as diabetics, heart condition, low blood sugar, low blood pressure consult to your GP before participating in a hot yoga session. Same goes for pregnant woman who are interested to take part in a hot yoga session.


This concludes the topic of what is Hot Yoga and the benefits of Hot Yoga. Let’s connect soon!

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